Tourism Text

This text was written for the national tourist board of Montenegro to be used as a script for an audio tourist guide. The text is based on research done by others but was rewritten as original copy for this format:


Beautiful Montenegro is at the very heart of Europe and its contributions to the cultural heritage of the world are impressive.

It is located on the Balkan Peninsula and is often called the pearl of the Mediterranean, because in this one country you can find all the natural beauty you can imagine –

Montenegro has so much to offer: stunning national parks, gorgeous mountains, clear-running rivers, sandy beaches, exciting night life, ancient monasteries and fascinating history, – Everything fits within the borders of Montenegro.

There is dramatic natural beauty in the impressive mountains that wall the coast and that inspired 15th-century Venetians to name this land Monte Negro, or Black Mountain.

It is filled with history, culture, tradition, and also great weather! From May to September the average daily temperature is a warm 25 degrees! And the average water temperature in the sea? Also 25 degrees!

Just one reason that Montenegro is considered to be one of the great destinations among world tourists. With its breath-taking scenery, Warm Mediterranean climate and Lovely people –

– it’s no wonder Montenegro appears on lists all over the world among the best places to visit. The fresh air, the beautiful nature and the blue Adriatic Sea are sure to satisfy you.

The Montenegrin coast has more than 70 km of beautiful beaches – from first class beach lounge service, to scenic hide-aways, there’s something for every taste. The coast also includes many well-preserved ancient old towns and is certainly one of the most interesting places to visit in the world.

Within its borders you’ll find an amazing variety of easily accessible and spectacular settings.

You can take a morning stroll along the beaches of the inviting Adriatic sea, then enjoy a picnic lunch on the picturesque Skadar Lake, and end your day watching the sunset from the Montenegrin mountains.

Add something truly unforgettable to your life, experience the Wild Beauty of Montenegro!