Ad Manuscripts

The manuscript for this online advertisement was written on a brief from medical professionals and the client team:

The following is a manuscript written for a client after a brief from the contracted ad agency:

Sandvik Coromant

Brand movie | Concept manuscript draft

This is a concept manuscript that includes fictional specifics that serve the purpose of defining the communication goals of the project. These details will be adjusted to the documentary realities identified later in the process. In order to achieve the documentary realistic feel we will adjust the concept specifics described to fit the heroes actual lives and work situations.


[explanatory note] The modern world and the acceleration of the future is pictured by a series of scenes highlighting the industrial products that Sandvik Coromant supports.

It is the start of a new day. We see only the industrial products beginning the day.

A windmill turning at sunrise. It is winter. A late model automobile engine is started and idles to warm up. An airplane at the gate is met with metal framed boarding ramp. A train is in motion, a focus on its wheels. The gears of a bicycle shifting, locking into place, engaging and setting into motion.

[text on screen] Our modern lives are shaped by metal

[explanatory note] Now people are seen engaging in their lives with these established metal icons present. It is the start of their day.

At the house with the truck warming up outside, a mature man is seen shaving. A close-up of the metal rotary blades on the electric shaver cuts to his contemplative face in the mirror.

At the airport gate, a businessman unplugs his laptop from the charger. Slips it into his bag and moves decisively to board the commercial plane that we see in the background.

A man packs some folders into his bike bag. Firmly grips the metal brakes and mounts and takes off in one swift motion. He rides past a metal fence.

At a fitness center, a woman is seen getting onto a cross-training machine which has chrome highlights. She grips the metal handle challengingly and begins to run.

[explanatory note] In these people we see ourselves, our work and our lives. We like these active people of purpose.

The older man takes his metal lunch pail from the truck and closes the heavy metal door. He enters a Sandvik Coromant manufacturing plant. Colleagues welcome him.

The businessman from the airport is welcomed into a meeting at a customer. Several others are present. The topic of the meeting is visible on the conference room wall; Reducing Tolerances. A Sandvik Coromant logo is visible on his bag that he now takes out to begin work.

The man on the bike arrives at his destination, takes the folders which have a cover illustrating an anatomical drawing of where bone screws could be used. He meets a customer, shakes hands and together they enter a Sandvik Coromant Productivity Center.

The woman from the fitness center is now standing in a train. Gripping a bar to steady herself as it comes into the station. A focus on the train wheels. She is seen entering a Sandvik Coromant Application Center where a receptionist smiles.

[explanatory note] We understand that these people of purpose and passion are Sandvik Coromant employees; refreshed and ready to make a difference.

The older man is at his work station, colleagues are visible in the workshop. An advanced drawing of an insert at work in a CGI solution is visible. He is operating his machine and then reaches to make a critical adjustment that he intuitively knows must be done.

At the business meeting, the man is fully engaged in explaining the business advantages to the customer. His calculations show there is money to save. A hyper-futuristic airplane model is visible and a milling diagram of a complex turbine. A tablet with a measurement app on it is on the table. He smiles as he reaches for it.

At the Productivity Center where demo machines are set up, the man from the bicycle is instructing customers in the special cutting techniques for medical screws. With a measure of excitement he now, reaches for a sample to demonstrate.

At the Application Center the woman is engaging with her team in a meeting. A drawing of an advanced high-speed train is visible. Their focus is on creating a tooling solution for the alloy wheels. She hears a suggestion and her face reveals some measure of epiphany. She acknowledges the comment, takes her pen and addresses the drawing.

[explanatory note] We can see in these people’s faces and expressions that they aspire to shape the future. They have a passion for excellence.

[text on screen] We are Sandvik Coromant

[text on screen] We shape the metal that shapes the future