Samples of Copywriting

Here is a brief collection of texts written for different products and companies in several different industries.
This is some marketing catalog text for a Danish furniture house:

The Great Pampas sofa

Sit anywhere you like. Sit any way you like. Sit as many as you like.

Eilersen’s latest addition to the large sofas indulges itself in extravagance and luxury. Now you can enjoy your Eilersen even more with a sofa that has removable backs, so you can freely modulate decor with comfort – and even build a guest bed.

Great Pampas is an extravagant version of the Pampas. The new edition has been given a broader back and armrests that can better keep track of all the cushions and the seat has been upgraded from foam and fibrefill to Eilersen’s famous down-top. It provides even more comfort – and an even greater feeling of ultimate luxury.

Multi-functional sofa with extra dimensions
“Imagine one long chaise longue set across” begins Jens Juul Eilersen and elaborates: “In a floating sofa one must be able to float in the truest sense. It must be round, sturdy and soft – and it must be long. There must be an ocean of space for sprawling and sitting, especially when you are a huge family. Great Pampas does it all and has it all. In the deep seating area, you can freely rearrange the back cushions, so the sofa fits exactly the needs you have here and now. Whether it’s an egotist-Sunday with a good book, an extra guest bed, a TV room for the children and their playmates – or red wine & cheese with friends; Great Pampas surpasses all other floats. Greater weight, greater might and greater luxury you will not find.”

Float along, float across – or just sprawl flat out
“What is unique is that the sofa is not locked by fixed armrests and back. Instead it has cut-to-shape, loose back support foam, which can be moved as needed. This means that you can float across – or move back, so that you float along. Just like you like to swim,” explains Jens Eilersen. Moving back not only creates multiple use opportunities but also a completely different feeling of the sofa. “It simply becomes a large Argentine grassy plain, that is disguised as a luxury sofa. Because if you move all the back and throw pillows towards the end of the sofa, there is a huge surface that gives a feeling of open spaces. Great Pampas is 120 cm deep. “The modules are 1 meter wide, and the cut-to-shape backrest is in foam. Lumbar and throw pillows are purchased ad libitum until your cornucopia is filled.”

Enjoy an Eilersen
Your home should be a place where you are most comfortable. Here you surround yourself with things you have chosen for yourself. Because you need them and because they appeal to you. Furniture shapes, colors and subtleties speak to your senses. Therefore, it really matters how the sofa fulfills its mission. Your sofa should be both comfortable to sit in – and live up to your life values and taste for the aesthetic. We all know the feeling of being a place we like. That’s why we say: Enjoy an Eilersen. That a piece of furniture carries the Eilersen name is a guarantee of excellent quality, unique comfort and exceptional durability. “All the furniture and every detail is based on the original traditions of craftsmanship and innovative design” – guarantees Jens Juul Eilersen and concludes: “Personally, I absolutely love the Pampas, so I am eager to see the consumers’ reaction.”

Here is a sample of text written from briefs by engineers and product managers:


Sensitive patients require smarter care – care that provides added safety and more comfort for the patient along with the best usability for the caregiver

The TCM5 FLEX transcutaneous monitor provides accurate and continuous measurement of oxygenation and ventilation status, which can be vital for sensitive patients, and it does this with a focus on patient safety and comfort. Its many features make it ideal for monitoring neonatal and pediatric patients, as well as adult ICU patients or those otherwise undergoing non-invasive ventilation (NIV).

Designed with usability in mind

Our smartest and most intuitive solution yet. Real-time trending measurements are easily read from the large color touchscreen display. Built-in tutorials and easy to understand messages simplify use and troubleshooting. All of these features streamline usability in every health care environment.

Whenever a sensor is placed back into the calibration chamber, it is automatically and individually calibrated, reducing preparation time and improving workflow. Using Radiometer’s unique gold-plated sensors offers the highest reliability of results even after prolonged usage and sensors only need remembraning every 28 days, freeing up valuable time for caregivers.

Data can be stored, shared and managed easily with advanced connectivity features, and the TCM5 FLEX works with Radiometer’s software solution, the AQURE TC ResQ system.

Smart meets sensible

A highlighted feature of the TCM5 FLEX is that the sensor temperature and length of application time are controlled automatically, delivering smart and safe care for the most sensitive patients. This is just one of the features that makes the TCM5 FLEX the perfect fit for NICU patient monitoring.

A variety of sensor fixation options and the use of a low-height sensor improve patient comfort. Reliable monitoring of the crucial parameters tcpCO2, tcpO2, SpO2 and pulse rate is provided to avoid the risk of hyperoxia and severe complications, such as retinopathy of prematurity (ROP).

The TCM5 FLEX is designed for a superior user and patient experience and is a perfect fit for critical health care environments.

This is text written for a company brand book based on a telephone interview with one of their key employees:

Göran Berter

Business Development´

“The spirit of our company is what we pass on to the next generation.”

“After 38 years in the Sandvik family, the way I see it, it is all a journey. Here you are supported in your journey, both in your career but also in your personal development.”

Göran’s first management assignment, more than 30 years ago, was a very important one for him. He was given time to learn more about the business and to meet customers. All of this improved his work and his job satisfaction. It gave him a greater understanding of the Sandvik Coromant spirit.

Working with R&D has taught him that things cannot always be planned. It requires being flexible. He explains that innovation takes time. “You can have objectives, but it is very much a process. Innovation, new ideas and new solutions often come when you are going for a walk or relaxing. Making room for quiet reflection is important.

One way that we affect change and bring about innovation is by simply giving people the room that they need to come up with good ideas. “You must build up your knowledge and expertise, then you can create new ideas.” This is part of the ambitious culture of our company that we share with the next generation.

After meeting with the CEO and Sales and Marketing manager for a client where they described their business offering and approach – I wrote these pages as a start to what would become their sales material, trade show material, and much of the copy for their website:

Elevator pitch:

Everyone is talking about cloud computing – APPS People is doing something about it.

The flexibility and convenience of cloud computing is the future.

APPS People is bringing companies into that future right now by providing the complete range of Google APPS to forward-looking enterprises and supplying the best in full support to all system users.

APPS People provides all of their customers with the same excellent communication and security tools that much larger companies use, but APPS People customers only pay for what they need, with tremendous capital-expense savings and rewarding returns to scale.

APPS People is an experienced provider of top-shelf communication and security solutions. APPS People consults with businesses, identifying the specific needs of the organization, their staff and their customers, advising them on what constellation of Google APPS will best meet those needs.

Next, they plan and execute the migration and deployment of the solution and then offer solid support to all users on the system. They are the cloud computing experts for your organization.

APPS People – is the cloud computing partner for forward-looking businesses.

They know all about the cloud and how to use it to grow your business.

APPS People is more than an application provider, they become a partner with the organizations they work with, continually advising them and providing full support for their users. APPS People helps their customers discover new ways of doing communication based on the proven Google APPS features. More than creating awareness, APPS People actually install and set-up each application on their customers’ desktop and then show them how to use the features to get immediate benefit. They push support directly to the individual user – and this continual expert support is provided in your local language and at no extra cost.

APPS People provides full support

  • directly to each user
  • in your local (preferred) language
  • with no hardware changes
  • at no additional cost

Any company can arrange for APPS People to meet with two of their users to determine if any of the many applications available can benefit their business.

APPS People can meet with two users from any company and determine if any of the many applications available can benefit their business.

With a dynamic team of dedicated Google certified technicians, APPS People is delivering the best of Google APPS to organizations of all sizes and in a multitude of industries.

APPS People is the expert interface between business users and the powerful array of Google applications. APPS People deployment and support staff are all educated by Google and maintain full Google certification.

Many organizations lack the time, staff, or expertise to embrace the cloud. APPS People have access to a robust set of resources to introduce any enterprise to the future of computing.

APPS People – Building business for the future

Today more than 4 million businesses use Google Apps—and thousands more sign up every day, representing 50% of the entire cloud computing market. APPS People is a leading, top-performing Google Partner in Northern Europe and are experts in bringing the future of communication and security solutions to businesses today. They are on the cutting-edge of this IT transformation, helping businesses make the transition to agile, standardized, cost-effective cloud-based computing.

Join APPS People and experience the future.

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