Intelligent Business Presentations

Arrange for an on-site training workshop or lecture in modern presentation skills and techniques. This is the information you need to dramatically improve your presentations - making them more intelligent, informative and better for business. This tailored, interactive training focuses on the most effective, persuasive communication skills.

Chris Flynn has over 15 years experience in creating and delivering professional communication; including award winning marketing and advertising, training in public speaking and presentation skills, and providing translation and proofreading services in all fields and industries.

Specialties include; English language instruction, training in public speaking and business presentations, translation, marketing and advertising, project management, commercial communication, web content and usability.

Client list:
  • Sonion A/S
  • Danish Red Cross
  • Sjælsø Gruppen
  • University of Copenhagen
  • SKAT - Danish Tax Authority
  • And several government ministries
  • Chris Flynn

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    Public speaking courses

    English language instruction